Thomas Mullany

Mullany has exhibited, over the years, in Washington, DC, New York City and Washington, VA mounting over 18 one-person exhibitions, 8 of them at R. H. Ballard Gallery.

Mullany’s work spans decades, and throughout his career he has always created drawings on paper as precursors to larger murals and paintings but also as individual pieces of art.  A primary theme of his work is the American scene and moods set by light, context and color.

The artist is included in over 21 corporate collections, The American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center in Washington, DC, private collections throughout the country, to numerous to list, and has created many murals and public art projects.

Thomas Mullany
"New Moon"
Oil on panel
22" x 58"

Thomas Mullany
"Wildwood, NJ"
Oil on panel
8" x 24"

Thomas Mullany
"Brothers, Inc"
Oil on panel
8" x 12"

Thomas Mullany
"Dew Drop Inn"
Oil on panel
9" x 12"

Thomas Mullany
"Looking at Sun Spots"
Oil on panel
6" x 18"

Thomas Mullany
"Salem (Mass.)"
Oil on panel
6" x 16"

Thomas Mullany
"His Master's Voice
Oil on panel
6" x 12"

Thomas Mullany
Oil on panel
9" x 12"

"Man in the River", Oil on panel, 12" x 24"

"Living at a Gas Station", Oil on panel, 12" x 24"

"Woman With Mirror", Oil on wood with mirror, 20" x 22" x 8"

"Prism in Studio", Oil on panel, 5" x 7"

"Studio", Oil on oak panel, 7" x 8½"

"Morandi Still Life", Oil on panel, 7" x 9"

"Hand Study", Oil on panel, 7 3/8" x 5 5/8"

"Mullany Studios", Oil on panel, 5½" x 8"

"Still Life in Studio Window", Oil on panel, 5½" x 8"

"Still Life With Skull", Oil on panel, 12" x 4½"


“Trumpet Study”, Oil on panel, 6” x 8½”

"Indian Mounds", Oil on panel, 15½" x 35½"

"Driving West", Oil on panel, 15½" x 35½"

"Raheen, County Cork (Ireland)", Oil on panel, 9 3/8" x 41 1/4"

"Music Lover II", Oil on roofing tin, 17" x 23"


"Orange Figure", Gouache on paper


"Green Nude", Gouache on geological survey map paper

"Yellow Figure", Gouache on found paper

"Blue Background", Gouache on found paper

"Green Study", Gouache on found paper

"Yellow Shoulders", Gouache on found paper

"Freemont Coffee Shop", Oil on panel, 8½" x 11 1/4"

"Motel Phone Call (Ohio)", Oil on panel, 16½" x 22½"

"Freemont Sunset", Oil on panel, 8" x 13"

"Dawn, Washington, DC, After the Blizzard, 1996", Gouache on paper, 9½" x 24"

"Twilight in the Rockies", Oil on panel, 11 1/8" x 14"

"Minnesota Night (White, Red and Green)", Oil on panel, 12" x 14 5/8"

"Flag Night", Oil on panel, 7" x 9"

"Badlands Bull", Oil on panel, 9" x 10½"

"The Long Pasture", Oil on panel, 19½" x 39"

"Bernard Berenson at the Villa Borghese", Oil on panel, 24" x 30" 

“He was a great connoisseur of Renaissance art and was always a dashing and well-suited man of his day. After looking at an old black and white photo of him studying a painting, this image formed in my mind, in all of these colors, which really motivated me to paint it. I enjoyed the idea portraying accidental destruction through intense analysis.”

"Monument II", Oil on panel, 10½" x 17½

“This is an area just south of Marshall, Virginia looking west towards Cobbler Mountain. This again is a remnant of an earlier settlement on this farms property.”

"Monument", Oil on panel, 14" x 18 3/4" 

“This collection of structures stands next to a great 19th century house along Lee Highway not far from Washington, Virginia in Rappahanock County. I loved the way the hearth of a former house is allowed to stand among the other buildings as a monument to its past life.”

"Maidstone Road", Oil on panel, 12" x 16" 

“While driving an old back road I came along this scene and had to turn around and go back and sketch it. It struck me as the happiest-looking place that I had seen in quite awhile and I thought I should try and capture it. After a long, hard winter, this was one of the very earliest days of spring. The place used to be a store in Rectotown and now makes a very nice house. There's a bust of George Washington (by French artist Jean Houdib) looking out the 2nd story window.”


"Dunk the Girl", Oil on canvas

A depiction of the local Flint Hill Volunteer Fire Department Annual Carnival.

"The View From There II", Oil on panel, 14" x 18"

"Study for a Mural", Pencil on paper, 8 3/4" x 10"

"School House, Arlington", Gouache on paper, 4" x 6"

"Lincoln Memorial", Ink on paper, 13" x 17"