Six Pack Revisited

Many residents of Rappahannock County remember the excitement generated by the shows at the Six Pack Gallery in Washington, VA. Now art-lovers will have a chance to see their edgy and always excellent art again. The "Six Pack Revisited" show will be up and running at the R.H. Ballard Gallery from April 11 through May 3.

 The original Six Pack group formed in 2007 when a gallery at The Packing Shed became available. The founding members were Janet Brome, Jeanne Drevas, Steve Kenny, Ann Georgia McCaffray, Christopher Stephens and Linda Tarry. Although these artists were showing at Middle Street Gallery and other venues, they were looking for their own space where they would feel free experiment, mount installations, and display larger pieces. Important, too, was the fact that the folks at Cinema Paradiso would be there to take care of customers; the artists could stay in their studios and focus on making art. Installations included a room filled with pine needles suspended from the ceiling, and a life-sized jail cell, among others. Openings were well-attended. However, when Cinema Paradiso closed and the building was put up for sale, it became difficult to keep the gallery going. In 2010 the artists reluctantly left their gallery.

 Six Pack lives on, but has no home. Meanwhile the artists have been showing their work individually, amassing new work, gathering to discuss art, and seeking opportunities to mount shows as a group. The group has grown grown from the original six to eight members. The Six Pack artists who are exhibiting are Janet Brome, Ann Currie, Jeanne Drevas, Pam Pittinger, Jim Ramsay, Christopher Stephens and Linda Tarry.

 Do be sure to see the latest work by these artists at R.H Ballard's. The opening reception will be on April 11th from 4 to 7.