AnaMarie Paredes

AnaMarie is driven by the challenge of taking a material typically thought of as commercial and industrial, metal, and turning it into something delicate, intricate, and unexpected. Her work  shows her focus on architectural lines, texture, shape, balance and light. She is driven to attain spatial balance through the relationship between positive and negative spaces which often plays out in her sculpture's thoughtful and ethereal shadows. She desires to engage the viewer, inviting them to join the connection between her work and the space it fills. Her focus on organic textures and colors creates a personal engagement with her compositions, further engaging the viewer.


AnaMarie Paredes, "Bronzed Lines II", Steel and bronze, 69"H x 48"W x 9"D 

Ana Marie Parades, "Type", Mild Steel, 27"H x 18"W x 6"D

Ana Marie Parades, "38-1", Mild Steel, 63"H x 23"W x 16"D

Ana Marie Parades, "Free Standing Collage", Mild Steel, 64"H x 17"W x 12"D