Bronzed Lines III A Commission

Bronzed Lines III Installation


Early in 2016 visitors to our gallery discovered and fell in love with the work of AnaMarie Parades when they viewed a sculpture on display.  The work is entitled “Bronzed Lines II” which is illustrated here.

 They said they were very interested in the work but wanted something larger for a wall they had in their home.  As the discussions with the client and the artist became more specific it became clear that the complexity of the work would be considerable.  As it turned out the wall contained a door to a half bath that they still wanted to have available.  This was proposed to AnaMarie who went right to work designing a sculpture that not only fit on the wall but also opened in the central panel as part of a door.

In order to accomplish this complex project AnaMarie made many visits to the client’s home measuring and discussing the design.  It was final decided to create a sculpture, similar to the one they originally viewed in our gallery, but divided into three parts, the central unit acting as a door to the half bath.  To accomplish this AnaMarie built a wall in her studio which included a door using the exact measurements of the clients wall and went to work creating the sculpture.  During this process she made many visits to the clients home, and at one point brought the semi-finished work and attached it to the wall and then made minimal adjustments so the door wood open without the work having the appearance of this secret function.  She then took it back to her studio to finish the bronze finishing of the piece.   Below is a video of the work in progress.






















Here is the finished product with the door open followed by an image of the door closed.