Vantage Point: Three Person Exhibition

"Vantage Point:  Plein Air Paintings by Gray Dodson, Lynn Mehta, Meg Walsh "

 R.H. Ballard Gallery presents “Vantage Point”, new paintings by three regional Plein Air artists Gray Dodson, Lynn Mehta, and Meg Walsh which opens ­October 22nd and runs through November 16th, 2016.  

An Opening Reception with the Artists takes place Saturday, October 22nd from 4:00 – 7:00 pm.  The public is invited, Gadino Cellars wine will be poured and light fare provided.

This show is part of “An Evening of Art in Little Washington,” which also includes the Opening Reception of the Gay Street Gallery’s exhibit of Kevin Adams, Robert Bouquet and Paul X. Rutz, from 4-7pm, which runs Oct. 22 – Jan 2.

In the Ballard’s three person show, artists Dodson, Mehta and Walsh have exhibited widely and all get their inspiration from being in the landscape and painting directly from it. The following artist’s statements give us an interesting insight into their process and vision.­

Meg Walsh states: “Though I am a representational painter, I am more concerned with creating a strong composition than accurately depicting a scene. I try to translate the landscape, emphasizing what interests me most about a specific place at a moment in time, whether it be a dramatic shadow pattern, the blazing heat of a summer day, or the rolling sky of a passing storm. My paintings have a strong abstract element, and I often limit my values and simplify shapes to make a more forceful statement.”

Lynn Mehta has this to say about her work and process: “When I paint I connect with changing light, the color of the landscape, and movement. I feel the most free when I paint outdoors, whether I paint deserts, cities, mountains, farms, docks, rivers, or beaches. I focus on abstract shapes and forms that create a whole, seeking inspiration that makes a universal connection.”

Gray Dodson has these observations: “My work is about place and mood.  Color and light are extremely important.  I adjust them as they relate to each other and the entire composition, often emphasizing the contrasts of lights and darks while relying on my emotional response to the landscape.  I hold a deep reverence for nature and strive to connect with its spiritual aspect.”

Click here to see a preview of the exhibition.